Finding the Perfect Bin

Junk removal services are available during the off-season. Two of our workers will come with a 22-foot truck and help you with your junk removal. You can inquire with our office for information on pricing and availability.

If you are in need of aggregates, soils or mulch and a bin we can deliver both to you at the same time.

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Yes, our mini bins are driveway friendly. 

We may be able to either drop the bin on your lawn or on the street. Please note that we will not be held liable for any damage that may occur to your lawn as a result. A permit may be required for leaving it on the street; please check with your local municipality. In this case we would need a copy of the permit prior to delivery.

A flat, hard service such as your driveway is ideal. Avoid any slopes, streets without a permit, and property that is not your own.

The delivery man will place a protective board on your driveway to ensure the bin does not damage your property.

For sure! However, we do ask that you clear space for the bin and ensure that it is not slippery.

1. Poor communication 

An automated telephone system is something you want to avoid. An actual customer service representative will know your area and understand your specific needs.


2. Not asking enough questions

A good waste management company will ask you many questions relating to the type of project and types of material you are disposing.


3. Confusing pricing

Once the customer service representative obtains full knowledge of your individual needs, they should be able to provide you with a concrete price quote. If they do not give you this, you should be suspicious! 


4. Dirty bins

The way that waste management companies take care of their bins, delivery trucks, and uniforms can say a lot about how they conduct business, which includes how they treat their customers property!

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Delivering Your Bin

It is most ideal for you and Need A Bin to plan ahead, as a project that requires a dumpster bin is likely to be a big one, and could be stressful to deal with last minute. However, if needed, Need A Bin will likely be able to provide you with a dumpster up to the last minute. Just explain your situation to us and we will try our best to make it the most convenient for you!

1. Clear a spot for your dumpster: 

Make sure that you have cleared a spot for your dumpster to be placed, and make sure that you still have access to your garage and automobiles while your bin is in place.


2. Project your property:

Our bins will not damage your home or driveway, however you need to ensure that you and the people who are carrying your junk to the dumpster do not damage your property. Having some forethought about how you will load your junk can save you from future aggravation.

The delivery truck will arrive with your bin, driven by a well-trained and professional delivery driver in a Need A  Bin uniform. The truck and bin will be spotless and ready for use. The delivery man will then place a protective board on your driveway to ensure the bin does not damage your property. We then place the bin on top of the board. While you are not required to be at home during the delivery, the driver can show you how to open and close the doors on each side of the bin. Then, you can go ahead and fill your bin.

You are not required to be at home during the delivery, however the driver can show you how to open and close the doors on each side of the bin if you are. 

We accept Interact e-transfer, Visa, and MasterCard. 

Prices vary according to bin size, how long you want the bin, and what material will be put in the bin. Rest assured, Need A Bin is commited to providing our customers with fair prices.

Using Your Bin

Different bins should be used for different types of waste.


Bins For Mixed Waste: renovation, construction garbage and or household waste. Mixed waste can’t be contaminated by organic waste like food or biological waste.


Bins For Clean Fill: concrete, bricks or asphalt (which has to be separated from mixed waste and each kept separated).

You may not use a waste container rental for the following:

  • propane tanks and cylinders 
  • ammunition
  • leftover paint, paint cans, paint thinner, stains, and varnish
  • household cleaning products
  • batteries
  • fluorescent light bulbs
  • tires, motor oil, gasoline, and antifreeze
  • aerosol cans 
  • pesticides and fertilizers
  • pharmaceuticals and biomedical waste
  • any chemicals or hazardous waste  

For any other hazardous waste please contact your local municipality to safely dispose of these items as home dumpster rental bins are not suitable for disposal of these items.

We give our customers 7 days with their bin so that they can have plenty of time to fill it. However, if you find that you need your dumpster for less time, you can give us a call and we can pick it up. If you need the bin for longer, just give us a call and daily or weekly charges may apply. Also, if you need another bin, please let us know prior to pick up.

Returning Your Bin

When you make your bin reservation, you can decide when you want it to be picked up. However, if you want the bin to be picked up at a later date, give us a  call and we can generally have it picked up in 24 hours or less.

No, we can establish a time and have it picked up from your location, regardless if you are home or not.

After your bin has been picked up, we take it to a landfill or transfer station, where all your items will be sorted for proper recycling and disposal. Different communities have different rules and determine what is ultimately done with the items placed in your bin.

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