Scarborough was once its own municipality, but has now formed a district of its own in Toronto. Now housing over 625,000 people, Scarborough has become a populous suburb. This is due to numerous reasons, including its natural beauty and unique parks. Along the southern border of Lake Ontario lies the Scarborough Bluffs, which are 20 story cliffs carved into the shore of Lake Ontario, as a result of 12,000 years of erosion from wind and water. The bluffs are one of the best sites to see within the Greater Toronto Area and can be seen in a number of parks. 

In addition, Scarborough is the home of the Toronto Zoo. The zoo houses over 5000 animals, more than 500 species, and has a total of 287 hectares of land. It is named one of the leading zoos for conservation and education. In 2014, the zoo gained two new residents, Er Shun and Da Mao, Giant Pandas borrowed by the Chinese government.

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