Aurora is a town located in the York Region of the Greater Toronto Area. It holds a growing community of approximately 58,000 residents, and has been listed as one of Canada’s top places to live for numerous reasons. One reason is that there are many big-box shopping places, and many employment opportunities lie near the Wellington Street and Highway 404 area. This attracts many businesses and has made Aurora a great place for people who want to live near where they work. Need A Bin has had the pleasure of completing bin rental Aurora services, as well as junk removal Aurora services for the community, in both residential and commercial settings.

One of the more noticeable features of the Town of Aurora is its abundance of green space. There are many hiking trails that connect with ball diamonds, parks, and marshes, including the Nokiidaa Trail, Willow Farm, Lakeview and Wimpey. There are a total of 57 km of pathways and trails within the town. Citizens can even cross country sky their way through some hiking trails. Need A Bin has helped preserve Aurora’s natural beauty through their bin rental Aurora services, and ensuring all waste is properly disposed of.

Aurora is also well known for their community events, including easter egg hunts and street festivals with over 500 vendors and live music. They also have an outdoor farmers market and artisan fair that spans from May until the end of October. Their holiday community events also include The Haunted Forest for Halloween, and the Santa Under the Stars Parade, tree-lighting, and Family First Night during the Christmas holidays. With all these large community events and celebrations, there is no doubt that a lot of junk and waste is accumulated. Need A Bin has continuously helped to keep the city clean by offering their bin rental services, along with promoting proper recycling practices.